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Krishna Coffee Works started off as a small unit by late Mr.Krishnankutty the father of the present partners in 1952 with an outlet at Palakkad (Kerala). It was started as an agency of Indian Coffee Board.He concentrated in his business and worked really hard with selling tea and coffee which were in plain covers on his bicycle. By 1992 Krishna Coffee works managed to build a brand under Krishna- Coffee time which was a great step in the process of development. Now Krishna Coffee works have expanded with 2 outlets & 3 well equipped manufacturing unit spread over a sprawling area . The firm now distributes food and beverages ranging from tea , coffee , wheat products , rice products & spices in the Malabar region of Kerala.

The prime advantage lies in the ability to bring customer satisfaction through the high quality and special aroma with natural flavour in all the product line .Our wide range of food and beverage products has inspired people to make their life stronger. Our products strike the taste buds of consumers in a special way. Natural taste, hygienic preparation, and state of the art packing make us different. We offer variety of food products under the brand name of “ Tiger ” and coffee under the brand name of “coffee time ”. Our coffee products flourished with pure coffee and blended coffee. Today Krishna’s has more than 15 varieties of food products in the product line .

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  • Production Coffee

    Always been considered as healthy drink, it keeps our brain alert and receptive of new information. Our coffee Variety starts with pure coffee under the brand name Krishna coffee and coffee blended with chicory under the brand name Coffee time. There are different types of coffee brands available in different quantities.

  • Pure coffee
  • Blended Coffee
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    Production Tea

    Aroma of various flavors of tea has a cooling, slightly bitter, astringent flavor which many enjoy. Our wide range brands created a tasty era for the past 6 decades. Our packet tea comprises of an excellent blend of various premium grades procuring from Kerala , Tamil Nadu , Assam , Darjeeling.

  • CTC dust
  • Assam Tea
  • Green Tea
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    We have 2 retail outlets in Malabar region of Kerala specially caters roasted ground coffee and tea dust blend to our loyal customers at affordable cost.

  • Robusta
  • Peaberry
  • French coffee
  • Plantation
  • Chicory
  • CTC
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    Door No 11/1345 Market Road, Palakkad Kerala -678014

    Phone:0491-2501442, 2502481 Fax:0491-2501831

    Mobile No:+91-9895877373

    Email:info@krishnacoffeeworks.com , krishnas.pkd@gmail.com


    Prakash Tea Agencies

    Door No : 31/476,477 Big Bazar , Palakkad Kerala -678014